Mixed Media

1800 x 1500 x 1000 mm


Installation info: Unpacking Instructions: Inside the crate are the following items: - Waxwork body - Chair - Table - Easel (in two parts) - Painting in a travel frame - Cardboard box containing the waxwork waxwork head, palette, paintbrush, egg and the apple core To unpack the work inside this crate first remove the two grey foam-lined timber braces which trap the table and the figure in place. Remove the screws from the outside of the crate to free them. Remove the table from the crate, being careful that the table legs don’t knock the figure on the way out. Then remove the egg painting in its travel frame. The headless figure can then be lifted out and away. It is not attached to the chair and will need another chair to sit on in the meantime. Then remove the chair from the crate. It has been repaired in the studio and still has the clamps attached. Please leave the clamps in place. Gavin will look at this when he arrives. Inside the cardboard box is the head, palette, paintbrush, egg and the apple core. The wax head is VERY fragile and must be handled extremely carefully. The finish is easily scratched. Please rest it on a soft surface covered with the white tyveck fabric it is wrapped in. The egg and apple-core are also very fragile. Handle these very lightly when unwrapping Life size sculpture of Ludwig Wittgenstein sitting