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Cracks in Reality

2 Apr 17

Marta Herford GmbH

‘Cracks in Reality’ was hosted my Marta Herford on the first floor in the Lippold Gallery featuring large works by Gavin Turk and Jens Wolf – artists both born in 1967 whose work, at first glance, appears very different.

On closer inspection, painter Jens Wolf and Gavin Turk, who works with sculptures, installations and drawings, have more in common than the year of their birth. Borrowing icons from the history of art and their language of form, they both use disturbing, destructive interventions to express their ironic, critical comments.

In different ways, the precise execution of their works indicates a perfection which is, however, ‘cracked’ by means of deliberately added deviations, fractures, ‘faulty’ production or symbols of transience. In their works, Wolf and Turk address authenticity and authorship, and explore how totally new questions suddenly arise when formal aspects are deliberately exaggerated.