Time and Space (for Joseph Kosuth)

Clocks, steel poles and wire

2100 x 550 x 650 mm


Time and Space (for Joseph Kosuth) The globe is wrapped in 24 hours. At any given moment on earth it is a different time of day depending on where we are on the earth to measure it. In 1965 Joseph Kosuth made the conceptual proposal for Clock (One and five), English/Latin Version a work that consists of a photograph of a clock, a clock, and English/Latin dictionary definitions of the words: time, machine and object. The piece forces the audience to witness a linguistic and objective form of presenting and re-presenting reality. In Gavin Turk’s work ‘Time and Space (for Joseph Kosuth)’ 12 ticking clocks, all identical to the clock in the Kosuth piece, hang from the ceiling, slowly revolving on a mobile. ‘Time and Space (for Joseph Kosuth)’ iterates the ‘art-clock’ and reiterates the time and space necessary to be an art-viewer. The audience circulates the x, y and z rotations of clock hands, the clocks themselves and those clocks in relationship to each other. A glimpse of some of the backs create blanks that question the linear, syntactical direction of time (clockwise versus back and front). This moving surrealist work is a playful musing on the fleeting nature of existence. AS_2020