Exhibitions2019En Oeuf

En Oeuf

18 Jan - 16 Feb 19

Maruani Mercier Gallery, Brussels

En Oeuf is enough! Or, ‘in egg’, in English…

The centrepiece of the exhibition was Oeuvre (Verdigris), 2018, from the artist’s Bronze Oeuvre series. The large, public work is cast in bronze and patinated to resemble the mottled surface of a wild duck egg. Verdigris, the natural colour of bloomed bronze, has a translucent living iridescence that resembles the surface of a real egg.

This iconic artwork is minimal, playful and surreal. The egg is the frame, the hermetically sealed, protective shield for the life form within. All window, all wall, the familiar shape is nature’s perfect mould. A genderless, fluid object that holds limitless possibilities and  potential within its simple, lucid form.

Alongside Verdigris featured a number of other sculptural pieces including Turk’s freestanding painted bronze doorways (2018) and his Wittgenstein and Boetti works: Telesthesia (2015) and Self portrait, Fountain (2012).

Also on display were some of the artist’s ‘Egg Geometrics’, a series of brightly coloured acrylics on canvas depicting optimistic, simple geometric forms of eggs bisected; and his ‘Egg Pairs’, playful couplets of egg-shaped canvases placed in conversation.