Robert Morris Untitled 1965-72

Distressed mirror plate glass and wood in four parts

914 x 914 x 914 mmInstallation dimensions variable


Installation info: Each cube consists of 6 panels (no bottom) and 8 brackets.  NB:  Brackets are in bottom of crate One embedded in the foam.  

All edges of the cubes are very vulnerable so great care should be taken when handling and assembly should be done where the work is to be place as once put together it will not be possible to move.

The 4 mirror sides have an extended section of chipboard on the bottom edge so gather these together first and arrange so they are placed in a running butt sequence (see snap attached of a birds-eye drawing to illustrate this).    Then use 8 brackets.  4 on inside of bottom and 4 on inside of top - If you need help in placing these the holes should be visible from previous installations to guide you.  It is crucial to ensure all right angles are square and flush whilst doing this.

Once the four sides are all screwed together, the top panel needs placing.  This consists of two parts.  Place the chip board panel with finger hole first, this rests on other chipboard of the side panels, and then finally place glass top panel flush.  (This can be done without use of suckers.)  

*16 mm size 4 screws if none included

(September 2016)

Four aged and tarnished mirror-plated cubes