2011 AD

5 Fired clay items on linen-covered plinth (previously in a steel reading case - see installation pictures).

120 x 470 x 1470 mmThe above dimes are for all 5 objects presented on the linen covered plinth. 120mm is the overall height of the tallest clay object (cup) plus the thickness of the plinth. The width and depth are the dims of the linen-covered plinth.


Installation info: Handle carefully with gloves, ensuring when placed it is done so gently as painted edges are fragile. Ensure signed underside is face down. Avoid direct sunlight, temperature fluctuations and moisture. A tiny security pin can fix the underside of the piece to a surface if required for installation. A fired clay sculpture of a can, a cup, a matchbox, a chip tray and an apple core placed into a reading vitrine and displayed like relics.