Kitchen table, coin and motor

800 x 760 x 600 mm


Installation info: - Ensure table is resting on level surface. - Ensure control unit is plugged in to suitable power transformer. Both motors run 0-30V. - Ensure leads from both motors are inserted into control unit to ensure clockwise rotation of coin and clockwise movement of the spinning coin. - Turn switches A,B & C off. - Use the small circular magnet found on top of the power unit to locate the centre of the magnetic force by releasing the magnet on top of the table on the area the coin will spin. The small circular magnet should rest in the centre. - Carefully remove the small circular magnet and replace with a 2p coin. The preferable coin is labelled. The coin will naturally sit perpendicularly to the small circular magnet at its most magnetised. - Turn two dials to left of dial D to extreme right. Turn dial D to extreme left. - Turn on switch A and switch B. Very slowly turn dial D towards line marked on unit. The coin will spin on the spot if it has been located in the centre of the magnetic force correctly. - Once the coin is spinning on the spot, turn the dials to the left of E to the extreme right, and dial E to the extreme left. Turn switch C on. Slowly turn dial E towards line marked on unit. Still spinning, the coin will move around the table. - To turn machine off, turn off switch C, the switch B, the switch A. Repeat above procedure restart machine. An eternally spinning two pence coin on a table top.