Car Boot (Black Honda)

Car boot & marker pen

137 x 15 x 62 cms


A black Honda car boot with a ‘GT’ sticker, signed and dated by the artist for the Art Car Boot Fair 2007.

This artwork was first created as an elaborate ruse. In the summer of 2007 Turk was invited to take part in The Art Car Boot Fair in Brick Lane, East London - An annual jamboree where artists take over the marketplace selling their bizarre wares. In this twist on the English car boot fair phenomena (where people sell their unwanted goods from the back of cars), Turk decided to take the brief at face value and literally sell a motley collection of second-hand car boots selected and adorned with the artists signature flamboyantly embellished in permanent marker. A battered relic of the motor car, itself a symbol of income and social status hangs as an artifact separated from its function. A useless flap hanging on the wall like instant archaeology as an epoch struggles to come to terms with its out of control consumer appetite. The back end of a once noble steed becomes a Moose Head on the wall.