Beuys, Broodthears, de Chirico, Duchamp, Johns, Klein, Manzoni, Warhol

Pen on paper

44 x 34 cms


A list of other artist’s names on paper as if the Artist had been practising forgeries. Signed by the Artist in bottom right corner.

This tiny drawing made on an index card, captures a moment in time very prescient to the next few years. It is an extremely minimalist list. A piece of poetry that becomes a drawing for some vast conceptual sculpture. An imaginary collage of Oeuvres. A mantra spoken in meditation. All named are male Caucasian artists, all reoccurring in the Artists work, all heroes, mentors, ghosts of the past, to cramp his style, give him history to shake off. To inspire him, to infuriate him, to enlighten him.