Andy Warhol Self-portrait with Hands Around Neck

Recycled frame, acrylic on canvas & chinagraph pencil

53.5 x 46 cms


A frame taken from a 1970's Warhol artwork reused by the Artist to surround a white signature written backwards on the inside of a perspex cover casting a shadow signature on to a white canvas.

This is one of a series of works made bringing together recycling and the signature. They bring the two together in a seamless join. The obviousness of the idea hides its complexity. The piece starts with a second hand frame which has come from a small Andy Warhol print that has probably found itself upgraded to a newer frame. Into the frame is set a blank canvas. This ensemble is then set into a perspex box frame which has been signed by the artist on the inside with a chinagraph pencil. The signature then casts a shadow onto the blank canvas and the shadow of the signature becomes the subject of the picture. Except it is not quite so simple as that. The artist has, for instance, signed his signature backwards so that it can be captured on the inside of the outer frame but still read forwards.