Gavin Turk - on his Art

4 Jan 19

We are at an exciting but terrifying moment in history. The pivotal point on the roller coaster where the carriage slows right down - ready to speed up to a terrifying and exhilarating pitch. Only this time we don’t know if there is an end. Or a stop. Or just an abyss. We are the best of ourselves and the worst of ourselves. We know so much and can do so much - we have found the universal truth in the human. We know we have been just a moment in history and already we have moved from the great apes to the great dominator - the consumer of all things. We are exhilaratingly wise and we are profoundly stupid. At this moment we need levity, fun, playfulness and simplicity. We need colour, form, ideas and connectivity. We need the great recycling: The Becoming. The reminder of what has come before and could come next if we imagined it to be, or if we neglect to imagine at all. Gavin Turk presents his new exhibition, En Œuf, on 18 January 2019 at MARUANI MERCIER in Brussels. Meet the artist at th public opening on 17 January, from 5pm - 7:30pm.