Dreams, East London Printmakers Group Show at Freud Museum

Dreams Freud Museum

Open:  3rd March - 10th April 2011

An exhibition inspired by dreams, the subconscious and aspects of Sigmund and Anna Freud's lives and theories, by 60 printmaking artists associated with the studio East London Printmakers.  The works on show will consist of 2D prints, installation, sculpture, moving image, artist books and printed textiles, many of which will be woven into the permanent display of the Freud Museum.

The exhibits include prints by Marcelle Hanselaar, Fabio Coruzzi, Chris Pig, Wuon Gean Ho (Printmaker’s Council Prize UK 2009), Katie Jones (Birgit Skiold Memorial Trust Award 2010), Sumi Perera (Best Overall Book Prize and the Portnall Award, Society of Bookbinders 2009) and guest artists Dexter Dalwood and Gavin Turk.