Frieze Masters 2023

Ben Brown Fine Arts

Frieze 20th Anniversary, visit Ben Brown Fine Arts at FRIEZE MASTERS Stand B13 for Seminal works by Gavin, including 'Cavey' a ‘historical blue plaque’ to commemorate work done by the artist during his time at the Royal College of Art. The blue ceramic English heritage plaque reads “Gavin Turk, Sculptor, worked here 1989 – 1991”. A commemoration of a life, it marks the presence of the artist with the most powerful and evocative of the tools that might be at his disposal - his absence. The curtain has fallen. The titles are rolling. Gavin Turk has left the stage. Death as performance.

Plato’s famous allegory, tells of a hidden reality we can neither see nor know. In an unexpected twist to the tale, Cave has additionally become infamous as the piece of work that "won" Turk a fail for his Masters which he had been studying for at the Royal College of Art. Ironically, it has gone on to become regarded as one of Turk's most iconic pieces.