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Gavin Turk

13 Sep 12

Patricia Low Contemporary Geneva

In 2012 Patricia Low Contemporary presented a solo exhibition of Gavin Turk’s work.

Superimposing his own identity and brand onto famous celebrities and associated art legends, Gavin Turk’s self-portraits play a game of subterfuge with authorship and mythology. In works from his Elvis series, Turk humorously declares himself heir to the titles of King of Rock and Pop, striking the pose of Warhol’s Double Elvis.

Turk’s process of making is intensely performative, replicating in detail both the media and production methods used in Warhol’s original iconic screen print. Critically levelling the 20th century’s optimistic capitalism in a single act of hostile takeover, Turk downsizes and expropriates its heroes: abated to its most recognisable parts – face and gun details –Turk re-constructs the image as it exists in popular consciousness, insinuating himself (as Turk, as anyone, as everyone) at the core.