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Et in Arcadia Eggo

27 Apr 03

New Art Centre Sculpture Park & Gallery Roche Court

Et in Arcadia Eggo was an exhibition by Gavin Turk at the New Art Centre, Roche Court featuring some of the artist’s iconic sculptural works.

Inspired by Roche Court's traditional Arcadian landscape the mythological heroine, Ariadne, was given the Turk treatment. Opulent swathes of drapery, instead the sleeping figure of Ariadne was presented shown in a sleeping bag.

Turk's fascination with the cycle of birth, life and death was illustrated by the installation of Oeuvre, a sculpture of a giant egg within the park’s grounds. The commonplace and domestic egg sitting in a natural open-air environment was made both comic and surreal by its sheer size.

The exhibition challenged classical notions of perspective, asking us to consider, once again, how we look at the world and how we fit into it.