The Yard Glass

Aluminium Frame, laminated glass, mirror film and paper residue

Glass panels each measure 2396 (H) x 986 (W) x 8 (D)mm


Installation info: Can be installed in different configurations under guidance by artist 'The broken mirror maze degraded and shattered so it exists as a series of small corners or small barriers. Once proudly installed as a clinical, controlled and controlling architecture, the panels are now coated with distressed paper and the ingress of moisture behind the film. The milky failure of perfect material corrupted with the organic deposits of mildew and spores. The title as a thinly veiled spoken word play on Duchamp’s ‘the Large Glass’ refers to the eponymous Yard. That place of abandoned things contains the accumulation of human aspiration and cultural failure. Smashed but preserved in a broken form, capitalising on the natural process of nature reclaiming even the most impenetrable of materials. The constituent parts create a mathematical labyrinth drifting apart like icebergs in the space. An ancient symbol now a dotted-line imbroglio. Reflecting back our shattered selves.' Text by Gavin Turk, 2015