The Beard Project with Gavin Turk

2 Dec 16

Project Beard sees the celebrated artist Gavin Turk turn back time and transform himself into great artists of the past. Following a series of trims by the beard experts from Murdock London, Turk will photograph himself as six artistic "Giants" from Art History.

The resulting print, 'Rodin, Morris, Cézanne, Matisse, Man Ray, Dali’, will be launched and for sale at the Spring 2015 edition of The Other Art Fair. An edition of 250, this £50 poster will be exclusively available for all visitors to The Other Art Fair.

***** The works for 'Project Beard' are very much in keeping with Turk's earlier works, which have seen him styled as icons of twentieth-century culture such as Andy Warhol, Sid Vicious and Che Guevara. The poster is titled 'Rodin, Morris, Cézanne, Matisse, Man Ray, Dali’ and is an edition of 250 and sold at just £50 each. The print editions of each of the 6 will be editions of 20 plus 5 Artist Proofs at £350.

All proceeds from Project Beard at The Other Art Fair will benefit children's charity The House of Fairy Tales.

Music: Ricky Eat Acid - Deximer
Filmed & Edited: William Smith
Photography: Ester Keate
Beard & Hair Styling: Alex Glover & Ryan MacGregor from Murdock London
Wardrobe: John Spencer
Hair and beard styling by Murdock London: