Something Like This

Gavin Turk's first solo show in Korea
18th November - 12th December 2010 Park Ryu Sook Gallery

Be-Head is a group exhibition, including Gavin Turk, that revolves around the use of the head in art. The Be-Head artists have seemingly all walked the long corridors of museums flanked by exquisitely executed portrait busts of stylised Egyptian rulers, Roman emperors, kings, magnificent ladies, Romantic heroes. The Be-Head artists confront the genre of the portrait head on:  they approach the head not so much as part of an individual but as part of humanity.  Where there is a sitter, his or her individuality is overwhelmed by the process of painting, casting or collaborating in a performance portrait.  Others work only from the imagination, others reinterpret (mock, even) the great tradition of portraiture by using unusual, low materials like brick or plaster or dough.  Where the noble bronze is used, it does not conform to the ‘traditional’ scale.  It is made minute, almost insignificant and reproduced. Ultimately, there is a refreshing absence of anxiety or violence, a vitality in the mixture of classical and contemporary sources and a immense physical and mental investment in the process of representing the quintessence of the human condition.