Les Bikes de Bois Rond

Art Connexion Lille
15 September – 9 October
(Vernissage 2 October)

‘Les Bikes de Bois Rond’ were commissioned by Commissions East as part of the Fleet project and have been used for two bicycle rides on the Essex and Suffolk coasts on 3 and 17 July 2010 and two exhibitions at Landguard Fort, Felixstowe, 3 – 17 July and St Mary’s at the Quay, Ipswich, 22 – 28 August 2010. The bikes were commissioned by Commissions East and designed and produced by Gavin Turk in response to ‘Barre de Bois Rond’, the work of Polish artist Andre Cadere. Cadere’s transportable wooden staff ‘Barre de Bois Rond‘ consists of 21 painted wood segments, was one of the exhibited artworks selected by Gavin from the FRAC Collection, Nord-Pas de Calais. The exhibition, entitled ‘Bun Voyagi’, after the words printed on Gavin’s battered embarkation token when travelling to Calais, opened at the Town Hall Galleries, Ipswich 17 July – 28 August 2010.  One of the bikes was displayed as part of the exhibition.