Exhibitions20226th Edition, Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer

6th Edition, Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer

13 May - 30 Sep 22

Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer

For their 6th Edition in 2022, Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer once again presented a Spring to Autumn survey exhibition highlighting the work of exceptional contemporary sculptors, from emerging talents to more established names. This edition included works of many mediums and disciplines, from the familiar to the surprising, conceptual works and even painting.

Turk presented his Kissing Stone (2012), a used granite curb stone from Hackney, London. Historically, granite paving stones signified investment and longevity, the road was a permanent placing, whereas the newly formed concrete or cement replacements give it a transient quality. The viewer is asked to interact with the stone by kissing it, reversing the usual ‘do not touch the art’ barrier between the viewer and the artwork.

Thus, the viewer becomes part of the performance, one corner of the kissing stone is smoothed through a process that appears to be centuries of kissing. The work draws upon traditions and mythic rituals of interaction with sculptural objects such as the rubbing of Buddhas belly or St. Peter’s foot in the Vatican, and the Blarney Stone, which when kissed endows the kisser with the ‘gift of the gab’. The small standing stone alludes to a mystical marker of something buried underground.

Also featured were works by Matt Ager • Adam Buick • Josephine Chime • Matthew Darbyshire • Jean-Philippe Dordolo • Tim Ellis • James Fuller • Anna Gonzalez Noguchi • Emma Hart • Yeni Mao • Marco Miehling • Paul de Monchaux • David Murphy • Ryan Orme • Milly Peck • Barry Reigate • Jakob Rowlinson • Andrew Sabin • Daniel Solomons • Rosie Grace Ward & Grace Woodcock.