Exhibitions2018In Times of Plenty: The Shape of Things Today

In Times of Plenty: The Shape of Things Today

6 Jul - 3 Sep 18

Reflex Gallery

In July of 2018, Reflex Gallery presented an exciting group exhibition with a selection of diverse works by some of the most exciting practitioners of contemporary art from around the globe. In Times of Plenty: The Shape of Things Today presented everyday objects and – by recasting them in a gallery setting – asked audiences to question, not only the nature of art, but more the nature of our contemporary society, with its rampant consumerism, disposable culture and overexposure to iconic brands.

Participating artists included: Gavin Turk, Donald Baechler, Erwin Wurm, Ichwan Noor, Joel Morrison, Keith Covntry, Michael Craig-Martin.

Gavin Turk's Holy Egg (2018) is an appropriation of Lucio Fontana's Fine di Dio from his famed Concetto Spaziale series. The egg, a highly charged symbol with connotations of the circle of life, is two-dimensional here, cast in blackened brass. With its perforated surface suggesting the artist's initials, it is mysterious and relic-like in one context, and throwaway, a piece of scrap-metal, in another. His tiny wizened Malus Domestica (2017) is both astonishingly ordinary in its hyperrealism, and an exquisite piece of craftsmanship.