Exhibitions2018Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

6 Dec 18 - 19 Jan 19

Cob Gallery

In December of 2018, Alteria Art, Cob Gallery and James Putnam presented Through the Looking Glass- an exhibition of miniature artworks from a selected blend of international modern and contemporary artists. The exhibition title referenced Lewis Carroll’s sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in which the protagonist’s journey is defined by constant transformations in size.

Taking this as its germ, the multidisciplinary works included in Through the Looking Glass activated viewer’s sensory perceptions of scale across two and three dimensions, compounding a complex human psychological fascination with both the possibility, and seeming impossibility of the miniature pitted against the scale of our bodies. Turk’s contributions included tiny painted bronze trompe l’oeil sculptures of discarded items, like a spent match – an ironical comment on value – and an 18k gold half-eaten Rich Tea biscuit.

Young contemporary artists on exhibit include Hirosuke Yabe, Realf Heygate, Tristan Pigott, Charlotte Colbert, Antony Cairns and artist duo Walter & Zoniel blended with established artistic talent including Polly Morgan, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Gavin Turk and Mat Collishaw. These were interwoven with alongside exemplary modern artists’ works from Pablo Picasso and Lynn Chadwick.

Featured artists included: Alice Anderson, Becky Beasley, Zadok Ben David, Paul Benney,  Emmanouil Bitsakis, Antony Cairns, Alexander Calder, James Capper, Lynn Chadwick, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Charlotte Colbert, Susan Collis, Mat Collishaw, Adeline de Monseignat, India Dewar, Simon Faithfull, Tessa Farmer, Kitty Finer, Nancy  Fouts, Nina Mae Fowler, Realf Heygate · Alba Hodsoll · Carlo & Fabio Ingrassia · Soojin Kang · Idris Khan · Simon Linke, Reuben Mednikoff, Polly Morgan, Annie Morris, Grayson Perry, Pablo Picasso, Tristan Pigott, Shahpour Pouyan, Joshua Press, Cat Roissetter, Jason Shulman, Kenji Sugiyama, Akiko & Masako Takada, Gavin Turk, Eloise van der Heyden, Craig Wylie, Hirosuke Yabe, Walter & Zoniel and Yuri Zupancic