Exhibitions2018The Revelation of the Head

The Revelation of the Head

25 May - 7 Jul 18

Messums Wiltshire

The subject of this exhibition at Messums Wiltshire was the central focus of our lives, the hub of all our senses: the head. The earliest work in the exhibition was an enigmatically smiling portrait of an elite government official from ancient Egypt carved out of diorite marble more than 2,500 years ago. The exhibition also featured works by contemporary artists who explored notions of fragmented identity through the destruction of a sculpted head.

Gavin Turk, Glynn Williams and Laurence Edwards, had all created heads that are spliced, smashed and rebuilt as metaphors for the human struggle including Turk’s Ragut Kirn (2010). The piece was one of a series of 72 self-portrait heads in clay and then invited members of the public to come and distort them with the result that the sculpture exhibited here was one of many that had a hole gouged out where facial features should be.

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