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Il Terzo Giorno

20 Apr 18

Palazzo del Governatore

Il Terzo Giorno was an exhibition featuring the works of major international artists reflecting on the theme of environmental sustainability and the human-nature relationship. Parma, named Italian Capital of Culture 2020, was hosting the show at the Palazzo del Governatore, in the historic heart of the city.

Il Terzo Giorno was a retrospective made up of 155 works including paintings, photographs and installation, by 40 artists including Gavin Turk, Marina Abramovic, Noboyushi Araki, Sebastião Selgado, Roger Ballen, Mario Giacomelli and Gabriele Basilico. Curated by Didi Bozzini and promoted by the City of Parma, it substituted scientific denunciation for a creative and sensitive vision of the world that make people reflect on the need to live the commitment of sustainability and safeguard the planet on a daily basis.

The exhibition, was the first in Italy to take a charitable approach to improving the urban environment: 50% of ticket sales were given to the City of Parma to finance the "Km Verde" project to clean the air with 22 thousand anti-smog trees and shrubs along the A1 highway. The inspiration for the title, which literally translates as ‘The Third Day’, comes from the third day of Genesis, the appearance of life on earth, through creation, destruction, to the redemption of man's return to nature.