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Surrealism & Beyond

21 Apr 16

Von Bartha Collection, Basel

Surrealism & Beyond was a ‘surrealist salon’ organised by Erich Weiss on the premises of Margareta von Bartha’s villa, where she lived surrounded by her fabulous personal collection.

This exhibition a kind of tribute to forgotten avant-garde ‘shadow figures’ of art, artists that were mainly active behind the scenes: often as a statement or as a voluntary 'revolutionary' act. Surprising works were selected from Japan, Spain, Poland, the UK and Mexico. Wworks by masters like Magritte, Man Ray or Bellmer and were complemented by a section discovering the work of contemporary artists like Delvoye, Copers, Gavin Turk and Scott King that could be defined as ‘heirs’ of the surrealist spirit.

Curated by Erich Weiss