Exhibitions2015The Wanderer’s Nightsong II

The Wanderer’s Nightsong II

3 Apr 15

C&C Gallery

The Wanderer’s Nightsong II was a group exhibition that explored the relationship between artists and modern forms of technological representation. The show took its title from Goethe’s classic eight-line poem scratched into the walls of a mountain lodge, the poem describes a progression from mineral through animal to human, of a natural process becoming language.

Ian Dawson questioned ideas of technical evolution and translation through his own ambiguous role as ‘curator’ role. Dawson ‘translated’ the work of each artist via 3D scanning and printing into copies of themselves, asking questions of mediation, re-mediation, authorship and originality. Five artists engaged in dialogue with bastard versions of themselves, to communicate across this space: Gavin Turk, Neil Gall, Kate Atkin, Cathy De Monchaux, and Chris Hawtin.