Exhibitions2015Punk: Its Traces in Contemporary Art

Punk: Its Traces in Contemporary Art

26 Mar 15


This exhibition shone a light on the influence of the Punk movement in the world of art, establishing a genealogy and tracing it to present times. PUNK: Its Traces in Contemporary Art attempts to echo the presence of Punk as an attitude and as a reference for many creators.

In the exhibition, Punk appeared as an explicit reference for many artists: in the use of elements such as noise, cut-out typography, anti-design, and intentional ugliness; or by including explicit musical references to punk bands. Turk's Pop Up (2000) is fine example of a featured work drawing directly from the imagery of the punk movement as the artist transposes his own identity onto the iconic Prince of Punk.

Noise, refusal, violence, destruction, alienation, anarchy, nihilism and sexuality formed different subject-matter areas within the exhibition, and were accompanied by references to bands, texts, music, and some iconic works.

PUNK. Its Traces in Contemporary Art was an exhibition full of noise which was explicit, but was also present in the sum total of images and in contemporary art production's will to break down hierarchies, by mixing large installations, documentary traces, unique pieces, multiples, photographs, videos, painting.