Banana Box

Oil on canvas

810 x 1000 x 25 mm


In my latest oil painting, "Banana Box," I delve into the impact of consumer society. I explore themes of packaging, waste, and their environmental implications. The artwork depicts a blurred image of the container that temporarily houses delicate, curved yellow fruits into stackable and interchangeable units. Considering the relationship between painting and photography is an integral aspect of this piece. Bananas reoccur in my work, taking on various forms like bronze casts and neon lights. For me, the banana transcends its fruit status and embodies a metaphysical presence. It becomes a potent symbol representing the intricate dynamics of global trade, logistics, markets, power, as well as the interplay of gender and sexuality. I am conscious of art historical connections to other bananas in art by artists such as, Wayne Thiebaud, Georgio de Chirico, Andy Warhol and a more recently the provocative art fair gesture by Maurizio Cattelan.