Brick (egg)

Mixed media and resin on plywood

1048 x 735 x 26 mm


This work is from a series titled ‘Cosmic Eggs’, plywood already existing cut out egg shapes are used as tables in the production of other works, where overspray accidents and colour tests are sealed with layers of varnish and the edge finished. In this case the painting shows remnants of an experimental sprayed yellow paper structure, and a painted bronze brick. The egg is a symbol of spring, fragility, loss of innocence, the beginning and the end, luck or wealth. It's an oval or round reproductive body, a food store and a shield. Within art it is a visual shorthand for the surrealism of imagination, new life and un-hatched potential. The egg ushers in the next generation with new ideas realised. In this Strange New World, art offers levity, fun, playfulness and simplicity, as well as colourful forms, ideas and connections. If we can imagine, we can lead the reduce, re-use and recycle crusade. Gavin Turk is a master of recycling, that of Art history, of materials, of identity, of value and of ideas.