Oil on canvas

700 x 510 x 40 mm


This provocative pop-py image of a yellow banana, against the shocking turquoise background, is a minimal still life, abandoned by the rest of the fruit bowl. This banana is an exotic and suggestive symbol of global trade, logistics, markets, and power as well as gender and sexuality. 'While in the process of painting this I nearly wrote 'This is not a Pipe’ or 'This is not Ariadne' underneath the reclining banana, but then I thought this was a red herring!’ The artist is playfully homaging the history of banana’s in art by artists such as Wayne Thiebaud, Georgio de Chirico, Andy Warhol and a more recently the provocative art fair gesture by Maurizio Cattelan. In 2005 Gavin Turk produced a series of banana fruit stickers and in 2013 created Banana a 4m neon sculpture that was exhibited in his show at the Bowes Museum, in October 2021 the Artist will reveal his new painted bronze banana 'Giraffe'.