Screen Test

16mm, B/W, Silent, 4 Minutes at 16 FPS projected with AEKI

Projector: 140 x 220 x 260 mm.Stand: 45cm X 55cm wheeled base with jacking feet, 1.14m fixed length pole with a 5cm diameter, Overall height approx. 1.2m, 30cm X 45cm non-tilt platform


Installation info: See documents tab for full instructions on setting up projector with film (July 2016) also NB: Film should ideally be hand loaded when put on projector as auto loading can damage film During the late sixties Andy Warhol made a series of 16mm black and white films that became known as Screen Tests. These short ‘locked of' films show in shadow and high contrast various actors (notable guests or friends to his studio) staring back at the camera like moving photographs. The audience of these films is implicit within the camera’s voyeuristic gaze and the sense of life’s momentary status. This re-enactment, Screen Test (2016), positions the audience in a place once removed from the curious authenticity of the ‘original’ films. The artist-actor impostor uses appropriated shadows and aesthetics to force a questioning of intention. This degenerate film aims to check the reality and truth that has to be attributed to art for the audience to ‘believe in it’.